About Us

Raj Tent is a bit creative according to your choice. Raj Tent is a multifarious effective Tent manufacturing company who focus on the traditional performance party outcome. Basically, our designs and fabrics are unique accordingly to the party.  Raj Tent offers a big and large canvas with excellent marquee fabric designs. There is a lot of more category we are updating in our own handmade traditional pattern. We enlarge us with quite useful and more traditional Tent accordingly customers requirement. A tented wedding ceremony at home or anywhere can easily be actually a fantastic approach to take your goal of the perfect wedding celebration to lifestyle. Join us for the trendy wedding functions and keep choosing Raj Tent for making a versatile spontaneous  & alive view for your wedding spot and enjoy the get-together.

Our Services

Raj Tent is known for the legendary creative décor.  Most probably the traditional wedding occasions. Basically, our all products are delivered from “Jodhpur Rajasthan” India. When it comes designing and implementing a material we are the successful supplier in all over-glove for wedding parties. join us for shattering wedding view.

  1. Designing

    Most of the factor matters for the perfect Tent so that people can enjoy and feels the zeal underneath the tent-like house. A tent requires fabulous take care of style and decoration. We tend to square as a creative designer for Raj Tent products as the best quality of fabrics and manufacturing the products.

  2. Production

    Raj Tent has invented in the best by tent manufacture industry. Our manufactory production equipment is the high standard finishing required of our end products. It gives our tent covers high strength and speeds up the manufacturing process. Frame and assembly are accomplished in-house and the installation team assures the structure is correctly constructed at your location.

  3. Shipping

    We ship our product from Jodhpur Rajasthan (India). Our shipping cost rate is considerable. If the shipping rate doesn’t show for your country please “contact us” and we will quote shipping cost ASAP. Once your purchase is dispatched an automated email will be sent to you with the tracking details for you to follow the progress of your product. We try to get on your order on its way as soon as possible. Generally when payment and order are confirmed.  Raj Tent using FedEx and DHL for good processing delivery service.

  4. Feedback

    We want to know what you think! We take care of your order until the delivery. Customer valuable experienced feedback highly matters for us. This is the important part of making excellence and heightens of Raj Tent. We can rate your stay and value how we use it for further improvement and better product quality.

Our vision

Raj Tent established with a vision for the manufacture and supply of high – end wedding accommodation Tent. The consolidation of our progressive production unit and the team of hard working co-workers and adoption of best management techniques facilitates the Raj Tent products more qualitative tenting product supply in all over the glove. We are specially focusing on luxurious wedding parties’ decoration. Over the years we supplied tents to various countries and. The goal of Raj Tent is to manufacture and designs our tents in the full-on traditional way. Our native firm connected from the Rajasthan and Jaipur so that our vision is very much clearer to design as well traditionally perfect and customized. Our extensive client’s portfolio consists of some of the world’s most recognizes restore & camping companies.  we are doing our 100% Q.C in the final procedure to finish all product. our Q.A people implement the final assurance.

Our Team

Who’s behind the scenes?

Raj Tent is one of the most creative and authorized wedding designer Tent. Our co-workers and designer teams are originally trained as traditional designer experts’ especially fabric and more specifically, the accurate techniques of wedding manufacturing tents. Raj Tent selling and manufacturing tent with the basic look of wedding parties. Around 12 years of journey, Raj Tent has built and stables a unanimous firm in tent manufacturing firm. Which is very satisfactory and the good bound of relation with all clients. Keep joining us and motivate our journey of this splendiferous Raj Tent.

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